Binimoy Traders - Vehicle Tracking Systems

Do you own a vehicle? Do you want to stay in control of it even when it is miles away from you? We at TRACER continuously work hard to make sure no matter where you are- you get to know where your assets are and see it before your eyes even when it is beyond your sight.
BINIMOY TRADER’S is a vehicle tracking service in Bangladesh. It is a symbol of trust, accuracy, reliability and perfection. We provide location based services using state of the art technology and we take our work seriously. We have digitized the map of Bangladesh with abundant landmarks and locations which would be right before your eyes. You will not be lost anywhere in the nation even if you wanted to be, and neither would your assets be away for your sight as long as we are there!
Our vision is to become the best at what we are- a sophisticated location based service provider in Bangladesh and gain global recognition therein. Our team of experts are working hard to make that happen, and to ensure that you get the absolute best service with a constant smile of confidence in your face. Our pride is our customers who provide us with their trust, our pride is our employee whose multifaceted skills made our services possible, and above all, our pride is being Bangladeshi.
No matter what you need, if it can be done in the computer, and if “where” is the theme within- we are there for you! With TRACER with you, you don't have to BE in your vehicle to know where it is!

Our Services
We specialize in location based services and GIS. With our technology and expertise, you will get the following benefits:
1. Every enterprise user can administer the entire vehicle in its range.
2. It also can distribute different rights to different users.
3. The system can check over the status of terminal real time, and achieve successive monitoring.
4. Read and set up the parameters and status.
5. It can help the vehicle to lock itself automatically.
6. Play back the track of vehicle.
7. It can set the range of limited areas to realize the Geo-fence alarm and over-speed alarm
8. It can receive the SOS alarm from the terminal.
9. Supports engine cut for vehicle trackers
10. Support Take photo. (External Serial Camera Require).
12. Supports update online
13. You can set node on the map, such as :mark your company in the map.
Corporate Reporting:
1. Vehicle Mileage Report.
2. Driving Record Report
3. Fuel Consumption Report (On Some Special Model and Car Accessories Required).
4. Daily / Hourly / Monthly Trip Report
5. Alarm Report (Over Speed Alarm, Illegal Door Open Alarm, Parking Alarm, Fatigue Driving alarm, ++ )
6. Others Log Report.
7. Many More..

We take our work seriously. We take our customers even more seriously. Without our valued customers, we wouldn't be here in the first place, and we are grateful to them for trusting us. The 24 hour customer service is only one of the many ways we ensure that we are with our customers at every walk. Complete customer satisfaction is our motto. We will not rest until we see that smile of satisfaction in faces of our customers. Our new Customer Service wing reflects just that! It is tribute to close relationships and the care it entails. Our customer service is always beside you with people who care about you and your valued assets as if it were their own. Need assistance? We are just one phone call away!
As a valued customer, you might require contacting us for any after sales service, service related queries and complaints.